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81 Camaro Body Work

Camaro before disassembly 

Adjusting door edge to front fender 

Adjusting door edge to quarter panel

Adjusting rocker edge on doors

Removing low spot in door skin

Fitting door to windshield post

Rebuilding inside of doors

Center support added to door

Removing previous paint jobs

Prepared to start rear wheel openings

First cut on wheel opening

Cutting the edge of the removed wheel opening section so it 
can be moved  2 inches forward

Replacing material on the inside edge of the wheel opening 
so the proper shape can be achieved.  

Sections welded in separated 4 inches and fill piece
made and welded in

Inner wheel opening lip made and welded in. The original lip was 
cut off leaving a sharp edge. Now the wheel opening has the stock 
shape and lip, and 4 inches larger.  

Sections being welded in with Silicone Bronze rod.
The pieces reinstalled are spread 4 inches.