81 Camaro Pro Stock

Original 1981 Don Hardy NHRA Pro Stock Camaro being transformed to race in the new 3.75 Pro Stock Racing Series. The full project is currently in progress and will be shown on the TV show Pro Stock Rescue.

Taking it for a ride on 9/27/15 before completely disassembling and starting the rebuilding project.

Status 12/1/18

Starting new chassis

Funny car cage

New front chassis - Lamb struts

Removing all the old paint jobs!


Fabricated 4130 chrome moly rear end

New cowl & firewall, rear motor plate

New 4 link, Strange Pro Stock 2 piece axles and Strange aluminum center section

Reworking the quarter panels

Carbon fiber wheel tubs and panels

Lenco 5 speed, Liberty shifter, Browell bell housing

Ram dual disc clutch

Optic Armor polycarbonate windows

Making the hood scoop

Tree to mount front end, lights & grills

Dash & Gauges

Carbon fiber blocked off grill

Front end complete, OEM headlights & grills

Wing, truck lid & chutes

Making headers, Burns collectors

Front motor plate, radiator overflow tank, radiator filler, XRP plumbing

Dry sump tank, oil breather / overflow, oil pump, XRP plumbing

Reher Morrison 650 ci

Tunnel near completion


Jaz 1.5 gallon fuel cell, C&R radiator

Racepak mounted

Braille battery mounted in driver compartment

Wiring in progress, MSD grid and Smartwire

Driver controls - launch controller, fire system, kill button, Racepak switch panel, chute lever

Tunnel complete and powder coated

Electrical completed and tested, ready to start engine

At Tim Oros's shop - painting started

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